IGD Volunteer Policy

Date : 20 December 2017

Purpose of the document

  • This document contains key information relating to volunteers involved in activities managed by IGD
  • It is intended to provide guidance and advice to volunteers on what to expect when volunteering with IGD
  • Volunteers are defined as individuals who are engaged in the delivery of IGD’s charitable initiatives, who are not directly employed by IGD

What do volunteers do?

  • IGD is a research and training charity
  • One aspect of this work is to deliver programmes which educate or train the food and grocery industry, or those potentially joining the industry, with support from volunteers.
  • Volunteers are typically (but not exclusively) existing employees of companies within the (UK) food and grocery industry.
  • Volunteer opportunities are typically (but not exclusively) in addition to normal employment.
  • Examples of volunteering opportunities are:
    •  Supporting workshops in schools (Feeding Britain’s Future)
    •  Participation in mentoring scheme and industry-led workshops
    •  Speaking opportunities through Leading Edge programme (events, webinars, videos)
    •  Members of IGD’s Industry Working Groups. These groups help deliver publicly available research and promote education and training in industry and those potentially joining.

How volunteers are valued

  • Volunteers enable IGD to deliver its charitable objects with increased scale and impact
  •  Volunteers enable IGD’s programmes to involve a broad cross-section of the industry in key programmes
  •  Volunteers may bring specialist skills and experience to the programmes.


  •  Volunteers will typically be recruited from:
    •  Food and Grocery businesses
    •  Professional development organisations

Induction, Training and Support

  • Volunteers will receive induction and training appropriate to the programme for which they are volunteering
  •  This may take the form of a verbal briefing; written materials (email and/or guideline documents); or face-to-face training in advance of the programme
  •  Volunteers will have opportunities to question and clarify their induction / training, before embarking on their volunteer duties.


  • Volunteers are required to behave in accordance with IGD’s policies (as appropriate).
  •  Key aspects are:
    •  Anti-bribery
    •  Competition law
  •  We expect volunteers to adhere to the applicable Health & safety policies, whether at IGD’s premises or 3rd party premises.

Feedback, Complaints & Whistleblowing

We often ask for feedback after our charitable activities and we encourage all participants to provide feedback, both good and bad, so that we can improve our activities. Feedback is always welcomed, and if you are not asked for feedback, please do not hesitate to contract the activity organiser, or any member of the IGD team.

If you have any complaints over the quality of IGD’s activities please refer to IGD Complaints Policy for Charitable Activities on how you can raise any concerns in a more formal way and please see IGD’s Volunteers’ Whistleblowing Policy if you suspect any malpractice, wrongdoing or criminal act. It is in everyone’s best interest to ensure malpractice does not occur and we encourage all stakeholders to raise any concerns so that they can be properly investigated. Both policies can be found at http://igd.com/policies.

Review and Monitoring

  • This policy was approved by the Board of Trustees on 28th November 2019.