IGD Health team wins prestigious award

Date : 11 October 2022

IGD and our colleagues at the University of Leeds have won a prestigious award for our healthy and sustainable diets partnership ; specifically, for our first round of behavior change trials with Sainsbury’s. 

Back in July we were delighted to win first prize in the Building Partnerships and Networks category of the Engaged for Impact Awards run by the University of Leeds.

The award recognises how challenging it can be to bridge the progressive and fast-paced nature of the food industry with the more grounded world of academia.

Getting agreements in place with various retailers to share vast amounts of commercially sensitive data has been challenging and has taken about 18 months. We know from our work with industry, NGOs and government that this is something that has not been achieved on this scale in the UK before.

These partnerships are an essential part of how we can make a meaningful difference to understanding and improving diets in the UK. The findings from our trials are already feeding into government policies and industry action.

For that reason, winning the award is both a fantastic accolade, cementing what we’ve collectively achieved so far and a great motivator to continue building the scale and impact of our trials.

You can find out more about our partnership with the University of Leeds and then discover the latest results from these behaviour change trials here.