How to write an account plan

Date : 13 September 2019

Account plans are your roadmap for the year ahead, helping you align strategy to grow your business with retailers.

A great account plan should cover certain key areas (we’ve used Tesco as an example).


Understanding of the retailer’s strategy


You need to identify the retailer’s priorities and develop a checklist to trade. Do you know what it’s looking for from suppliers?

  • e.g. are you willing to think differently to develop a long-term partnership with Tesco?


See the latest in-store execution, newest concepts and see the retailer’s strategy in action.

  • e.g. the first Jack’s discount store format in Cambridgeshire



Channel and distribution targets


You need to know how the store portfolio is likely to change over the coming year. Where’s the potential for your product or range? Has this changed since last year?

  • e.g. Tesco is restructuring its operations in Poland to concentrate on its best-performing smaller stores


Understand the retailer’s priorities by channel. Are you targeting the right channels for you? Are you providing the right sizes or variants?

  • e.g. Tesco’s rolled out Jack’s private label into some larger stores for a limited time in 2019. Consider what moves like this could mean for your category


A promotional plan


Do you know which promotions you’re going to activate during the year? Where should your big investments be?

  • e.g. can you work with Tesco on promotions like exclusive discounts on selected products for Clubcard holders?


A new product development (NPD) strategy


Have you done all your research into NPD and created a strategy for the year? Do you know what your retailer is receptive to, or what it’s already ranging? You’ll need to present the most appropriate examples of your NPD to your retailer.

  • e.g. Tesco is looking to make the most of its supplier partnerships and grow private label. Can you help it differentiate?


Context and background


Use our free IGD Futures research series to put your plans into the context of market trends. For example:


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