How to win the IGD John Sainsbury Learning & Development Award

Date : 09 April 2019

Greencore, our 2018 winner, recognised it needed to change. Management training wasn’t delivering; there was a lack of accountability and high employee turnover.

So, it created the Line Manager Framework and Grow with Greencore. These winning initiatives transformed the company’s learning culture.

How Greencore did it

Greencore’s very proud to have hand-crafted its learning programme. It’s moved from traditional methods to a flexible culture where learning on-the-go and from peer-to-peer is the norm. The line manager framework is its vision for great management. And the Grow with Greencore online learning platform puts line managers in control of their development.

What the judges said

Stuart Comer, Head of Group Technical & Digital Learning at Sainsbury’s, commented: “Greencore has clearly demonstrated how investing in learning and development can not only provide a game-changing shift in line managers’ capability, but can also impact wider business strategic development.

“Greencore’s approach was immersive, collaborative and innovative. Its new programme used the latest learning methodology and thinking, and presented learners with engaging, cutting-edge tools and resources that encouraged a community-led approach to learning and cultural change.”

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