How IGD Asia can help you with business plans

Date : 29 November 2018

Are you developing a joint business plan (JBP) to work with your retailer customer? Or working on an internal account plan? IGD Asia can help you.

We’ve identified five areas you might cover in a plan. Read on to discover where to find this content on IGD Asia. We’ve used the retailer A.S. Watson as an example.

1. Strategic outlook by retailer

  • Retailer profiles are the best place to start; they contain all the vital information about Asia’s leading operators

  • Visit the overview section to find out about priorities, focus areas and strategy
  • Use the SWOT analysis to assess the retailer’s characteristics

2. Basic numbers and forecast by retailer

  • Get a quick update on store numbers, sales, market share and regional performance using our ‘at a glance’ page

  • You can easily check past performance and forecasts by changing the year in the drop-down menu

3. Retailer performance against peer group

  • Check the market share chart on the ‘at a glance’ page to compare your retailer to its competitors in various markets

  • You can use the Datacentre for more detailed forecasts and performance comparisons by format and market

4. See in-store execution of your category

  • Search for your category and see what’s really happening in-store using our photo gallery

  • Use our photos for inspiration of great in-store execution

5. For a wider context

  • Use our regional outlook section to set your recommendations in a wider context

  • Identify opportunities for your category at key trading periods, using our seasonal events research

  • Our country presentations give you in-depth information on trends, growth forecasts for the market, the leading retailers and trade channels

  • Use our city guides to make the most of your time and visit the most inspirational stores

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