How Heineken won the 2018 IGD Supply Chain Excellence Award

Date : 13 May 2019

Heineken’s winning entry improved business efficiency and made a difference to its customers. It created a new team, combining skills from different functions to tackle a major challenge.

How Heineken improved forecast accuracy

Heineken always knew that weather affects demand for cider and beer, but this was difficult to quantify.

Conversations on the subject grew as Heineken saw a greater, more critical impact on its stock. With internal support and collaboration, it developed a successful model to improve forecast accuracy and reduce the risk of out-of-stocks.

What the judges said

Tarun Patel, Business Director Commercial Capability and Supply Chain at IGD, said: “Heineken stood out from the crowd because of its high-level thinking and investment in the future. The Heineken team identified its greater reliance on demand forecast accuracy and recognised this wasn’t a traditional skillset within the business.

“The team took action to rectify this by creating a new Data Science Team with the time and expertise to approach forecasting scientifically, as well as developing cross-functional collaboration. The team has the perfect combination of big data insight and operational experience. These have worked together to tackle the challenge of quantifying the impacts of weather on demand.”

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