How brands and retailers are promoting healthier choices

Date : 23 April 2019

At IGD, we’ve identified ‘help me be healthy’ as a trend we expect to shape and influence the retail market in 2019 and beyond. Here’s how businesses are inspiring shoppers to lead healthier lives.


Engaging with children

Retailers and brands have been working to make healthier food more appealing to children. To encourage healthy eating, a growing number of retailers are offering free fruit items to children in stores.

Businesses have also been working to change perceptions in children that healthy food is ‘boring’. A number of businesses are supporting industry-wide campaigns, including Change4Life, a UK government-run campaign designed to promote healthier alternatives to standard products.

Change4Life provides information and advice on easy swaps to make food healthier.

Encouraging better choices

Price is usually a key consideration for many shoppers. So, campaigns that make healthy eating cheaper, or show that healthier products need not cost more, are important for engaging shoppers.

The marketing of cheaper, imperfect produce ranges has become a popular way for retailers to cut the cost of healthy eating. It can also be tied into waste reduction targets by creating demand for the full harvest, benefiting suppliers.

 Morrisons has introduced a range of produce that’s ‘Naturally Wonky, Naturally Wonderful’

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