Hot weather impacts availability concerns

Date : 04 August 2022

A range of factors continue to disrupt supply chains including the war in Ukraine, labour shortages and the cost of living crisis resulting in more people switching products. This is covered in more detail in our latest Viewpoint report. Download a free copy here.

Availability concerns decline for second month

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In the latest consumer research conducted for IGD (29-31 July 2022) fewer adults (63% vs 68% in May’22) experienced shortages of some food and groceries in-store or online recently. This is still relatively high and compares with just 55% this time last year.

Dry weather impacting availability concerns

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Availability concerns are declining the most for tins and packaged foods (-8% compared to last month). Concerns appear to be declining slightly for oils (12% vs 14% in May’22).

However, the high temperatures and dry weather appears to have impacted rising concerns for availability of soft drinks (+3%) and frozen food including ice creams (+2%).

Availability concerns are still highest for fresh produce (23%) and for those living in Northern Ireland (69%) and the North East (67%) compared to just 55% in Yorkshire and Humberside.

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