Help reduce food waste in the UK

Date : 03 April 2019

Every year in the UK, more than 10 million tonnes of food worth over £20 billion is wasted. The UK’s largest retailers and many of its leading food manufacturers and foodservice companies share a commitment to reducing food waste and now, we need your help.

In a world first, IGD and WRAP launched the food waste reduction roadmap in September 2018 with the support of over 90 organisations from across the food and grocery supply chain. These companies have committed to ambitious milestones to further reduce food waste in the UK.

Encompassing the entire supply chain from field to fork, the roadmap outlines the actions businesses will take to address food waste in their own operations, and how they will support their suppliers. It also shows how businesses can engage with consumers to help them reduce their food waste. The roadmap sets out a clear timeline for all major food businesses to Target-Measure-Act and report on food waste in a consistent way.

The UK government fully supports the roadmap and DEFRA’s strategy for waste management includes our roadmap milestones. As we head towards the first milestone this autumn, we are now looking for more companies to join those who have already pledged their support.

There is a great deal of guidance for companies accompanying the roadmap, and WRAP provides an extensive free support service – see below for more details of how to get involved.

We very much hope you will come on board and join us on this exciting journey.

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