Healthy Sustainable Diets: Driving Change

Date : 11 October 2022

Since 2019 we have been conducting real-life behaviour change trials with retailers, testing what works and what doesn’t. This research enables the industry to build knowledge around how to shift diets, accelerating the pace of change in food retail and health policy. These findings are the second set of results from interventions run with Asda and Sainsbury’s, in collaboration with the University of Leeds.

Our latest report highlights findings from three real-life beahaviour change trials, which put theory into practice with millions of people:

  • Does boosting the value of Healthy Start vouchers help low-income families improve their diets?
  • Should plant-based products be sold alongside meat?
  • Do promotions on fruit and vegetables drive long-term behaviour change?

We hope our findings help you to deliver change in your organisation. Use our insights and resources to find out why healthy, sustainable diets should be central to your business strategy to promote healthier and more sustainable diets.