Four things to learn from Denmark and Belgium

Date : 12 July 2019

Our insight team visits stores around the world, exploring the latest trends in consumer goods retail. We choose the most innovative, newest concept stores to help you stay up to date. 

Some of the best we’ve seen this year are in Denmark and Belgium. We visited 7-Eleven’s latest concept store in Copenhagen, and top outlets in Brussels, Antwerp and beyond. 

What the stores are doing well

  1. Creating food-to-go range innovation: 7-Eleven is creating more exciting ranges by working with Danish brands. It’s tailoring its approach to fit local shoppers, helping small brands get more exposure at the same time. 
  2. Helping categories shine: Carrefour’s hypermarket in Nivelles, Belgium, has created a new layout which really shows its strengths in fresh food. Lidl’s store in Geel, Belgium, showcases its design for new and renovated stores. This features an impressive execution of its Lupilu private label baby care range.
  3. Appealing to multiple shopper missions: Carrefour Express, Bruxelles, makes food-to-go, food for later, ambient products and a smoothie machine work well together in a compact space. 
  4. Inspiring shoppers using technology: 7-Eleven’s app provides store information, promotions and a digitalised loyalty scheme. Plus, shoppers can use it to review store-bought Caffè Rosso coffee. They can then find out which is the best outlet to buy coffee – a vital service for coffee-lovers! 

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7-Eleven’s new concept store in Copenhagen
7-Eleven’s new concept store in Copenhagen


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