Five trends shaping global convenience retailing in 2020

Date : 13 February 2020

The rapid growth of the convenience channel brings huge opportunities for you as retailers and suppliers. Our retail analysts have identified five trends that will shape the development of global convenience in 2020 and beyond.


1.Technology enabling convenience


Fast, efficient service is particularly important in this channel. Retailers globally are integrating digital elements, from in-store screens to on-demand fulfilment platforms, into stores and supply chains.

Consider: how can you make shopping more frictionless?


2.Going beyond c-store retailing


New and innovative convenience formats are appearing everywhere, revealing the future of retail. Retailers are moving into areas beyond traditional convenience missions. They’re partnering with specialists like butchers, florists or foodservice operators to create more exciting propositions for shoppers.

Consider: can you make your store into an experiential destination?


3.Redefining product range


Shoppers’ daily habits are changing. As a result, categories like fresh food, food-to-go and evening meal solutions are reshaping convenience retailing. Retailers are giving shoppers new reasons to visit their stores.

Consider: do your ranges, and the space given to them, meet these evolving needs?


4.Stronger health focus


We’re seeing health and wellbeing becoming more important to shoppers across all channels. In convenience, operators are expanding fresh food ranges and offering more healthy options. They’re making healthy choices easier to find in-store and using promotions to encourage and drive awareness.

Consider: how can you help shoppers live more healthily, without sacrificing convenience or speed of shop?


5.Better minimart and local stores


Convenience stores are a key part of communities; they know their shoppers well. More retailers are looking to improve this strong connection, supporting their communities and building goodwill.

Consider: as suppliers, can you seize the opportunity to develop products tailored to different catchment areas?


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