Five ecommerce trends for 2019

Date : 09 January 2019

A look at how global ecommerce will develop from Simon Mayhew, our head of online retail insight.

1. Personalisation

We’ll see further developments as we move towards offering shoppers their own personal micro store. Retailers and manufacturers worldwide are using big data and artificial intelligence to improve personalisation online. Shoppers’ personal micro stores will include features like customisable products, exclusive online ranges and tailored promotions.

2. Smart assistants

These will become more sophisticated and help shoppers in new ways. For example, they could improve customer service, answering queries or giving recommendations to help call centre colleagues. Smart assistants could come in many forms, from chatbots to connected devices.

3. Anywhere, anytime

We expect more automatic reordering, innovative new social commerce solutions and quicker, more convenient fulfilment. People will be able to shop from videos, TV or pictures; they’ll no longer need to visit an online store.

4. Seamless shopping

Online and physical stores will become better integrated. In the future, before visiting a physical store, you’ll be able to look online to check real-time availability or access product information. When you arrive at the store, you’ll then benefit from personalised offers and recommendations.

5. More partnerships/acquisitions

There are many reasons for this increase in collaboration. For example, it could be a response to innovative small or medium enterprises, or to improve the ecommerce supply chain. In such a competitive market, we need to work together to survive and to retain shoppers.

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Simon Mayhew

Simon Mayhew

Head of Online Retail Insight


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