EU exit coming back up the public agenda

Date : 04 June 2020

Data from polling specialists You Gov, shows how coronavirus has changed the political agenda in the UK, at least in the view of the public.

Each week, You Gov asks respondents to name the major issues faced by the country at that moment. Health and economic performance generally rank high, but their importance soared from February 2020 onwards, coinciding with recognition of the threat posed by coronavirus.

These remain top of the agenda in You Gov polling, although their salience seems to be falling slightly. There are many possible reasons for this (e.g. boredom, perception that the disease is under control, perception that government measures are limiting damage etc.).

Concerns over coronavirus knocked EU Exit into third place from February 2020 onwards, but interest in this subject has begun to increase once more in recent weeks. With key EU talks scheduled for June and a trade deal with the EU still outstanding, IGD anticipates greater focus on EU exit in the near future.