EU Exit – P&R “grace period” extended

Date : 02 July 2021

The UK and EU have announced a short extension to the “grace period” for movement of certain “prohibited and restricted” (P&R) food products from GB to Northern Ireland.

The grace period was initially intended to last from 01 January to 30 June 2021, but will now be extended by a further three months, now expiring on 30 September 20201.

P&R foods are those deemed to pose high sanitary / phyto-sanitary risk and therefore generally banned from entry to the EU (including NI, which aligns to EU market rules). The list includes, amongst other items:

  • Chilled meats
  • Chilled minced meats (eg: burgers, meatballs, sausages)
  • Chilled or frozen poultry meats
  • Seed potatoes
  • Undepurated shellfish
  • Ungraded eggs
  • Unpasteurised milk and products thereof

Under the “grace period” arrangement, authorised traders (ie: those recognised and registered with the appropriate authorities, such as supermarkets and their suppliers) may move chilled meat products from GB to NI - subject to appropriate paperwork and only for retail sale in NI.

Businesses moving food from GB to NI will welcome this announcement. However, the EU has emphasised that the extension is not unconditional – it is intended to allow the UK more time to implement the agreed activities (eg: new border infrastructure at NI ports, special labelling of goods).

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