Environmental Sustainability Matrix: Understand sustainability issues across the supply chain

Date : 07 October 2011

A free interactive PDF that reveals the interconnectivity of sustainability issues within the food and beverage supply chain.

Our Environmental Sustainability Matrix will help food and beverage manufacturers and retailers of all sizes to increase their understanding of issues relating to sustainability while assessing the impact of their own supply chains on the environment. The Matrix outlines the main concepts, issues and challenges, and provides solutions.

The Matrix focuses on four key environmental sustainability topics across the supply chain:

greenhouse gases packaging  waste  water

The Matrix assesses the supply chain in terms of its environmental impact, and outlines the challenges and potential opportunities facing the industry. The supply chain has been broken down into components, allowing users to explore environmental sustainability issues at each of the following stages: Raw Materials, Manufacturing, Storage, Transport, Wholesale and Retail and End User, and End of Life.

The Matrix will help you to:

  • Identify key environmental sustainability issues
  • Assess the environmental impact within each part of the supply chain
  • Understand what can be done to reduce the impact and what the opportunities are
  • Recognise the risks, challenges and potential pitfalls
  • Understand the relationship between the key topics

How to download your free copy

The Matrix is available free of charge as an interactive PDF. To download a copy please click on the button below.


About the Matrix

A one-stop shop

This free Matrix pulls together experience, knowledge and information on environmental sustainability in the food and bevarage supply chain into a single accessible source. It offers practical advice, identifying the risks and opportunities that environmental sustainability, in its widest sense, presents to the supply chain. The Matrix can be used to raise awareness and build knowledge, and includes links to more than 100 sources of further information and best practice case studies.

Created as an output from IGD's Industry Sustainability Group, the Matrix will be of value to all those engaged in sustainability and environmental programmes, supply chain management, purchasing, food technology, communications and public relations. The target audience for the Matrix is mainly non-sustainability practitioners within the food and beverage manufacturing and retailing industries who need to understand sustainability issues, or those who are just starting out in this area.

How to use the Matrix

The Matrix is an interactive PDF (iPDF). It will present itself to you in 'full screen mode'. By pressing 'Escape' on your keyboard at any time you will return to a normal PDF screen where you can print copies as required. To print, please ensure that your printer options are set to landscape, and to the appropriate print page size.

matrix screenshot

The Matrix has been specifically designed to navigate you through particular sections of the supply chain in order. This is to ensure that you understand the issues and opportunities, and to make sure information is not taken out of context.