Create a growth mindset and achieve your goals – Part one

Date : 18 January 2022

This is the first of three recordings exploring how to set and achieve goals that energise and motivate you. Ideal if you are looking to increase your impact at work, achieve a particular career goal, or simply want inspiration for creating a meaningful personal development plan.

By the end of this recording, you’ll have greater self-awareness and clarity about your goals, as well as simple tools and tips to help you maintain your momentum and use what you’ve learnt proactively.

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How to watch

We recommend downloading the accompanying interactive workbook so that you can complete the activities alongside the recording and save for future reference.

View time 52 mins

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In the part two of this series, you’ll learn more about growth mindset, how to fuel it, and what might get in the way. Find this in the learning catalogue.


Liz Villani, Courageous Success

Liz Villani
Courageous Success