Bite-sized industry insights – Store of the future

Date : 21 February 2022

Nick Miles

Head of Insight (Global)

Are you looking to build your awareness of the hot topics within the food and consumer goods industry?

In this video, we tackle the topic of how stores will look in the future, breaking it down into five key themes that will help you get up to speed quickly.

Watch this short video to see:

  • What the world will look like in 2030 and how that will shape the role of stores
  • IGD’s simple model that predicts what stores will focus on and how they will look
  • A closer look at five themes with examples of innovations:
    • Exciting and experiential
    • Digitally enabled
    • Highly efficient
    • Omnichannel native
    • Naturally sustainable

How to watch

We recommend downloading the accompanying interactive workbook to help you reflect on what you have learnt and how this may impact you and your organisation.




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View time: 23 minutes