Attending a pre-employment workshop helped Craig secure a job with Tesco

Date : 29 July 2014

We spoke to Craig Killoch, 19, about his Feeding Britain’s Future experience. Craig attended a pre-employment training workshop in September 2013 and went on to secure a permanent job with Tesco in Galston.

What were you doing before you attended the Feeding Britain’s Future workshop?

I was unemployed and actively looking for work.

Where did you hear about the Feeding Britain’s Future workshop?

I heard about the FBF workshop at the JobCentre in Kilmarnock.

Why did you attend the Feeding Britain’s Future workshop?

I felt the course would help me to find work and give me some insight into the grocery industry.

What three things did you learn from the workshop?

  1. The interview process that you go through
  2. What the grocery industry looks for in potential employees
  3. When the grocery industry look to employ new staff e.g. at Christmas time during the Summer

What did you enjoy most about the Feeding Britain’s Future session you attended?

Getting a tour of the store and finding out more information about the interview process, which gave me confidence in attending group interviews as I knew what to expect.

How was the Feeding Britain’s Future workshop different to others you attended?

The FBF workshop was the first I attended that was like a group interview and included a tour of the store to get an insight as to how the industry works.

What does your job involve?

My job mainly involves serving customers at the front end of the store, although I am trained in many other areas as; working in the warehouse, fresh food, beers, wine and spirits, frozen department and working alongside grocery colleagues to stack the shelves.

What have you learnt whilst in the job?

I have learned many new skills in the job such as; operating the tills, working machinery, managing Tesco software programmes on computers and other electrical devices within the store. I have also successfully completed a course on selling alcohol.

What tip you would give to other young people currently job hunting?

Always try to attend as many workshops and interviews as you can as it can always be something extra to have on your CV. Make sure that your CV is up to date and always read about the company online before attending an interview to see what the job consists of and find out information about the interview process. When attending an interview interact with others and stand out from the crowd.

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