A no-deal Brexit checklist

Date : 04 July 2019

For as long as there is a possibility that a deal might not be signed off on Brexit, the food and grocery sector faces a daunting to-do list to prepare for this worst-case scenario. 

Hopefully, your business has already considered this possibility, prepared an action plan and begun to work on it. Each company’s list is likely to be unique but here is a generic checklist to use as a cross-reference.  

We’ve focused on areas that could take immediate effect after Brexit day rather than those that might unfold more gradually (such as staff shortages). 

It is a lengthy list, reflecting the true scale of the task, but don’t assume it is complete. Refer to other sources and the experts in your business to ensure you cover every angle. You may find some of the items on this list do not apply or present a risk to your business. 

You will need to prioritise. So assess which of these issues is most critical for you and which will take the longest to complete as you prepare and deliver your action plan. 

We are not technical experts in the areas itemised so refer to the specialists for additional help.  



Here is a preview of the checklist:

Brexit and Economics