Eating out: what will happen next?

Date : 14 March 2022

Join IGD at HRC on Wednesday 23 March

Hear from IGD’s Chief Economist and Senior Analyst, Nicola Knight on Weds 23 March at 12.15pm on the Vision stage for a look at the challenges and opportunities facing suppliers and operators in the Eating out sector.

In this unique session, our Chief Economist – James Walton – will share the economic outlook, followed by a first look at the market forecasts and key trends shaping the evolvement of the sector from Senior Analyst, Nicola Knight.

James Walton, Chief Economist, IGD Nicola Knight, Senior Analyst, IGD

James Walton, Chief Economist and Nicola Knight, Senior Analyst, IGD

We asked Nicola to share what visitors can expect from the session:

Can you give us a preview of some of the trends you’ll be discussing at the show?
We’ll be looking at the impact of economic factors on market recovery, how sectors will be affected differently and how business are reacting. With customer loyalty up for grabs, new habits evolving and the growing importance of an omnichannel approach, the industry is facing a challenging, but opportunistic time. We’ll also share how the focus on health and sustainability is evolving.

The past two years have presented unprecedented challenges for hospitality business. What have the most successful businesses been doing right?
The last two years have been about survival. Businesses that have had the ability and funds to adapt, pivot their offer and react quickly to the changing needs of consumers, have come out the other side. There has been some exceptional innovation brought to market at phenomenal speed. As we begin to move forward, there is an opportunity to build on these foundations and we expect to see a clear shift from reactionary to strategic. We’ll see a more ‘test and learn’ approach as businesses navigate the future and the new consumer behaviours that look set to stick, such as hybrid working. Investment in technology will play a key role in terms of customer engagement, business efficiency and the integration of data into decision-making.

Why should people attend this session?
For a unique look at the economic outlook as we navigate through ongoing uncertainty around inflation, recovery, government policy change and the labour market. Use this understanding, in combination with a look at some of the key trends and opportunities to help inform your business strategy.

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