What is IGD?

IGD is a training and research charity that helps the food and grocery industry deliver the needs of the public.

Our insights help the industry improve the way it works. We share intelligence on shoppers, retailing and supply chains; and on wider issues such as health, nutrition, sustainability and economics. We gain those insights through our position at the heart of the industry, collaborating with retailers, manufacturers, primary producers and service providers to address big issues. Our expert analysts are based in the UK, Asia and North America. We’re proud to put the net income we earn from our wholly-owned trading subsidiary back into the industry through our charitable activities.

What areas does your research cover?

The key areas we can offer insight and analysis on are:

  • Value and growth forecasts for the next five years for grocery retail (covering hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, discounters and online). These are updated every June – see our latest press release on these forecasts here.
  • Value and growth forecasts for the food-to go market (covering food-to-go specialists, quick service restaurants, coffee specialists, convenience stores and forecourts, and supermarkets and hypermarkets). These are updated every July – see our latest press release on these forecasts here.
  • Understanding the UK shopper. Every month we poll 1,700 shoppers about a range of different aspects related to grocery retailing, from their financial expectations to where, why and how often they are shopping, as well as their ideas on the use of technology, the importance of provenance in food and the tactics they use to save money – among many other topics. If you want to know what UK shoppers are thinking, please ask us
  • The key trends shaping the food-to-go market in the UK, plus further shopper data into how and why people buy food-to-go
  • International retailing trends and forecasts. We have truly international expertise, with more than 1,000 corporate members and their subsidiaries spanning 40 countries, plus experts based in Singapore and North America as well as the UK
  • Innovation and technology. As our team of researchers visit grocery retail stores around the world every day, we monitor the industry’s latest innovations and analyse what this could mean for the future of our industry
  • Global economic issues affecting the food and grocery industry

What are IGD’s key charitable initiatives?

We work in partnership with the food and grocery industry to provide insight and leadership, grow our industry’s capability and deliver a better future.

As a charity, we measure our success through the quality and reach of our impact. You can find out more about our charitable impact here.

Our charitable initiatives include:

  • Feeding Britain’s Future, which brings the food and grocery industry together to inspire the next generation. It provides insight into the variety of roles within the industry along with training in the skills needed to succeed in the world of work. Since 2015, 15,000 Year 9 and Year 12 students have attended a Feeding Britain’s Future workshop
  • Leading Edge, our free personal development network, which in 2016 provided industry employees with more than 10,000 learning opportunities through events, webinars and online learning

Our Food Science Summer Schools for Year 12 students, which have been developed to help address the skills gap, provide young scientists with the opportunity to understand the important role of science in the food industry. Five summer schools are taking place at leading universities in 2017

Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), which is run by IGD in the UK. Our various workgroups are involved in supply chain improvements, focusing on using collaboration to fulfil shopper wishes better, faster and at less cost. ECR UK also runs a mentoring scheme, partnering ‘rising stars’ with senior professionals to help fast-track their careers and promote mutual understanding and collaboration

Our Healthy Eating Programme, spans the entire food chain and has been co-created by IGD and industry. Working with and through companies, the programme aims to encourage healthier eating in the UK, focusing on reformulation, healthy eating in the workplace and nutrition information on pack

We can provide you with more detailed information on any of the above initiatives.

Who are IGD’s spokespeople? What are their different specialisms?

See our media toolkit for a full list of our spokespeople and their areas of expertise. Please note that due to other diary commitments, the spokespeople you would like to speak to may not always be available. If we can help with your query, we will always try to find an alternative spokesperson where possible.

What is the best way to contact IGD’s press team?

The best way to ensure a speedy response from our team, either in or out of office hours, is to email [email protected].

If you have an urgent query in office hours, please call our press office hotline on (0) 1923 851 986.

If you’re looking to contact a specific member of the team, you can find our individual email addresses and phone numbers on our meet the team page.

Is the comms team on social media?

Please follow us on @Comms_IGD, where we share all of IGD’s latest news and insight. You may also contact us through Twitter, but will probably receive a quicker response via our team email address, [email protected]

Is IGD a trade association? Does IGD lobby?

No. We are a not-for-profit organisation and our remit prohibits us from lobbying behalf of the food and grocery industry. If you’re looking for opinion on government policy relating to our industry, please contact the relevant trade association.