Grow your business and solve your major challenges with targeted support from Solutions from IGD.

Your business will face rising costs, changing shopper behaviours and a radically different economic environment in a post-COVID-19 world. Use our experienced team to:

  • identify the opportunities and major upcoming challenges for your business as global markets, channels, customers and shopper behaviours rapidly change
  • create robust strategies to win in the years ahead, and navigate the headwinds facing our industry
  • embed new skills and learning in your teams through bespoke training

Our researchers and trainers are specialists in their areas of the food and consumer goods value chain with decades of combined experience of working with, and within, manufacturers, retailers and service providers.

You will get solutions from your own dedicated team drawn from across our offices in Europe, North America, and Asia. Your team will combine their experience with our latest research and knowledge of global food and consumer goods to give your business the best chance of success.

Identify growth opportunities

We'll help you find investment opportunities, or the pain points, you must address to maximise your ROI

Develop a winning, evidence-led strategy

We know what it takes to win in our industry, and we'll help you drive your company forward

Develop your team

Through interactive online and face-to-face workshops, we’ll help you develop a high-performing team

Benefits of working with us

  1. An extra member of your team
  2. We work closely with you to understand your challenges and gather the intelligence you need to make the best decisions for your future. We do the heavy lifting for you.

    Learn how we helped Müller drive market growth and reduce its category reliance on promotions.

  3. Specialist understanding of food and consumer goods markets, shoppers and trends
  4. We’ll create a package of tailored market insights and bespoke shopper research that directly relate to your business, giving you the tools you need to build successful strategies.

    Read how we worked with AB InBev to strengthen its online sales in the beer category.

  5. Robust plans, built together
  6. Our subject matter experts will actively challenge your thinking through business strategy and planning programmes. We’ll help you develop a business fit to succeed today and in the future.

    How we helped Finsbury Food Group develop a strong foundation for its business plans.

  7. Closer relationships with your internal and external stakeholders
  8. Our performance improvement programmes have delivered measurable benefits for both suppliers and retailers by helping you work better together. Our experienced facilitators can also help you bring siloed internal teams together to improve efficiency.

    How we worked with Coca-Cola and Metro improve their collaboration to generate profitable growth.

  9. Confident and capable employees who can take on any challenge
  10. Develop the skills of your commercial, category, shopper and supply chain teams based on the tactics and strategies we know work for successful organisations around the world.

    How we helped CHEP build its commercial capability across 15 European markets.

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