How Colgate Palmolive drove online shopper engagement to maximise its investment online

Multinational consumer products manufacturer, Colgate Palmolive, needed to drive sales of its brands online. IGD was brought on board to identify phases of the shopper journey that would drive the greatest level of engagement.

Jigsaw with missing piece

The challenge

Colgate wanted to explore the oral care path-to-purchase specifically on mobile devices. IGD was tasked with identifying specific phases of this shopper journey that would drive engagement. This information could then inform investment decisions.

The missing piece

The solution

IGD worked with Colgate to develop a bespoke and multi-staged approach for this project. A range of different device shoppers were recruited to take part in three phases of shopper research, including:

  • Screencast recordings of full online grocery shops to understand how people shop online as close to the moment of truth as possible
  • One-week online community to probe specific category behaviour online
  • In-home online surfs to explore the impact of device on behaviour
  • Quantitative survey among 1,000 online shoppers

Key results

  • Colgate has built on its credibility as digital experts with key eCommerce customers
  • Colgate optimised its online spend by driving effective engagement with shoppers
  • Research findings were used in engagement activity plans with strategic customers