Building customer centricity
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Join us in an engaging and interactive programme that will inspire and enable a customer-curious mindset to drive incremental sales for your customers and your business.

Why invest?

bullet pointBuild skilled and empowered customer facing teams

bullet pointUnderstand where to invest and how to drive value for your customers

bullet pointDevelop tailored and personalised customer-centric plans

bullet pointFoster stronger customer relationships

bullet pointLand your business objectives and achieve incremental growth

Today’s successful suppliers and manufacturers create incremental value for customers by putting them at the at the heart of their plans and decision making. The more insight and understanding you can gain into the needs and priorities of your customers, the more value you can create for them, and ultimately gain in return.

Our programme will equip your teams to engage with customers by speaking their language and develop the personalisation you need in your plans to strengthen your relationships with customers and have a positive impact on performance.

“Having recently completed (Building Customer Centricity) I would highly recommend it. Whether you’re new to sales, or have established a strong sales background, the course is relevant for all”.

Andy Maude, Head of Sales Nestle Waters UK


Adam Jones, Commercial Solutions Manager, IGD

Adam Jones

Commercial Solutions Manager, IGD

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Why IGD?

Led by IGD’s team of global industry experts, IGD Solutions is the only tailored service dedicated to unlocking growth for retailers and suppliers that sits at the heart of the consumer goods industry.

Through our online services, we work directly with over 300 top retailers and nearly 1,000 global retail operations. We offer a window into the world of retail enabling access to the latest information on retailer performance, strategic developments, marketing initiatives, key personnel, and must-see stores. We combine all this knowledge and expertise into a facilitated learning programme, underpinned by our unrivalled retail understanding and industry connections.


How it works

This bespoke programme will help your business build a curious mindset with customers, ensuring you know everything from their financial performance and goals, corporate and commercial strategies through to an understanding of their end-to-end supply chain.

Through a series of 3 virtual workshops, we’ll embed a series of challenging interventions that ‘step change’ the level of individuals customer understanding and capability to translate implications into customer opportunities aligned to customer needs.

We’ll build a programme that is relevant to your business needs and creates a clear future-forward action plan. The learnings can be immediately applied to the “day job” and encourage your teams to set and implement stretching objectives that will drive incremental sales, profitability and market share for you and your customers.

“Great blend of course material and group work. Particularly enjoyed deep diving into customer P&Ls and annual statements, brought a whole new perspective to my thinking. The Cost to Serve section I found particularly relevant too, with these elements becoming more evident in Buyer KPIs.”

Andy Maude, Head of Sales Nestle Waters UK

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