Healthy and sustainable diets

Sustaining ourselves for the future will require significant shifts in how the food system currently operates and delivers. We’ve collaborated with behaviour change experts and a wide range of stakeholders from across the food system to understand how, together, we can advocate and nudge consumers on this journey.

Use these resources to support consumers in making better choices for improved health and sustainability outcomes.

Appetite for Change

Summary report

This summary report outlines the key opportunities to start shifting people’s behaviour and recommends next steps for your business to act.

Published: March 2020

Full research findings

This report shows there are practical solutions, underpinned by rigorous research that we can act on now. View our comprehensive methodology, consumer insights and next steps for action here.

Published: March 2020

COVID-19 update

Download our report which explores how consumer attitudes towards healthy and sustainable diets changed in the wake of Covid-19.

Published: September 2020