Nutrition labelling guides

1. Consumer messages guide

We’ve created The Guide which contains messages for you to use when talking to consumers about nutrition labels. There are two guides and you should select the one which is relevant to you or your business. The messages have been developed to help people effectively use and understand nutrition labels. To support the use of the messages we’ve also created a messaging toolkit which contains the tools and images you’ll need!

The Guide

The Guide

For food and drink companies


For educators and healthcare professionals



Messaging toolkit

We’ve created a toolkit of simple to use messages and images for you to download and use in your communication material.

These are suitable for a wide range of channels from social media posts, to website banners, posters and much more.


2. Best practice guide for presenting front of pack nutrition information

This voluntary guide sets out a series of best practice recommendations for companies applying front of pack nutrition labels to their products. The purpose is to bring greater consistency across all food and drink products by adding more detail on top of existing regulations and government guidance.

On-demand webinar: How to help people make better use of nutrition labels

Discover the best ways to communicate to the public about your front-of-pack nutrition labels by watching our on-demand webinar. You will also learn how to optimise the design, presentation and position of your labels for maximum impact.