Our school webinars provide opportunities for students to hear directly from industry professionals.

Here you can watch a selection of our virtual school workshops. Our sessions feature a wide range of professionals who share their career insights and advice for work!

We update the selection of workshop recordings regularly and this page on the Hub is open access so you can share the URL directly with students.

  • Students will learn about the professional’s job role, the skills they use at work and the impact of coronavirus on their role
  • They will learn how they can prepare for work and the skills we will most need in our industry in the future.
  • They can explore the role of science and technology across the food supply chain and its importance in key issues like Sustainability

Importance of employability skills

Get some helpful insight from Dawn, Kamal and Alexandra, as they explain their contrasting career journeys



Meet Vas, Josh and Spen and hear about why they love working in the food and grocery industry!



Get some useful advice from Farah, Ben and Isla, as they give you an insight into their work life


An amazing opportunity to gain some career advice from Amy, Carolyn and Tony – Chief Operating Officer of Tesco


The role of science and technology in food

Hula Hoops, Pepsi, Walkers, Tropicana… Find out about the wide range of jobs involved in creating and distributing these yummy products




Interested in a career involving science, marketing, or finance? Hear from 3 industry experts about their job roles and career journey’s



Interested in engineering, technology or online content? Learn more about the wide variety of job roles in the Food and Grocery industry


Meet a chocolate scientist, a general manager and a manufacturing manager and get to know more about what their job involves