Viewpoint: Powering the everyday economy

Issue 11, November 2023

With a presence in every community across the breadth of the country the food system is central to every one of our local economies. While rebuilding resilience is a key challenge, there are significant opportunities for the industry to take a lead in helping increase resilience and drive economic growth.

As you plan for 2024, this report recognises the crucial role the food system plays in economic recovery and provides our quarterly summary of the economic landscape, consumer sentiment and government policy – Helping you to build a fuller picture of what is happening now and what might come next.

The Economics from IGD team monitors a range of economic indicators and the latest forecasts and combined with our knowledge of the food and consumer goods industry and rich consumer insights, this shapes our ‘Viewpoint’ – all the information you need for business planning in just one place.

Powering the everyday economy

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