Viewpoint: From inflation to recession: what to watch out for in 2023

Issue 8, January 2023

2023 is set to be another challenging year for the food and consumer goods industry, dominated by recession, inflation, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and consumers cutting back on spending. Government policy will impact areas ranging from energy bills and taxation to labour supply and health.

As you plan for the year ahead, we provide our predictions for what’s in-store for the economy, consumer sentiment and government policy. This is all viewed through the lens of the food and consumer goods industry. We then highlight what to watch out for in the year ahead which may well impact those predictions. Finally, we summarise possible implications for your business.

The Economics from IGD team monitors a range of economic indicators and the latest forecasts and combined with our knowledge of the food and consumer goods industry and rich shopper insights, this shapes our ‘Viewpoint’.

Viewpoint: Economic woes worsen (fast)

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