What's happening in early careers and how IGD can support

Date : 22 July 2021

Vikki Colman

IGD Engagement Manager

With an increasing focus on early careers and the evolving education and skills landscape, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest insights. This is a must watch for anyone responsible for early careers or recruiting young talent.

In this webinar you’ll discover the latest trends and developments in the early careers landscape, both for our industry and the broader landscape picture, to help you identify how this can feed into your own plans. You’ll also learn about our free programmes that develop young talent and new joiners to our industry. This session is ideal for those looking at early careers talent plans and supporting new industry joiners.

Here is an example of what listeners gained from the session:

“Thank you for all the info! It’s been a good way to keep up with the evolving picture and to get a reminder of the programmes”

Watch the recording to explore:

  • A current industry read on the early careers landscape
  • Where your plans benchmark in this space against the broader picture
  • The employability and free learning programmes availabe for young talent

View time 37 mins