Managing productivity: how to transform the way you work

Date : 30 June 2021

Feeling under pressure with constant distractions, conflicting demands, information overload and a rapidly changing business environment? It’s time to turn traditional time management training on its head. 97% felt better equipped to manage their productivity after listening to this webinar.

In this webinar recording, you will discover the nine characteristics of the Productivity Ninja™ and will come away with specific ways in which you can implement them. This session is ideal if you are looking to improve your productivity to help you grow your impact and influence.

Here are a few examples of what listeners gained from the session:

“Really good practical tips, with some new aspects I hadn't thought about before. You always hear the same old "improve time management" and "learn to prioritise" which rarely helps, so this was really interesting!”

It “offered a range of solutions to try - there was no hard and fast rules of 'one size fits all’”

“Fast short chapter bites to ensure the key messages are delivered in a way that is easily relatable.”

Watch the recording to explore:

  • Why we feel overwhelmed, and what can be done about it
  • Techniques to help you manage your attention and focus on the right things
  • Tactics to manage and prioritise your actions and achieve results
  • How to stop email from taking up your whole day

View time 54 mins


Grace Marshall
Think Productive