How to build your impact through authenticity

Date : 01 March 2021

Explore your unique dynamic as a person and what makes authenticity so important in building your influence and impact at work. 

This is a highly interactive session, well-suited to watching back in your own time. We recommend you download the accompanying workbook so you can complete the reflective activities at the same time.

Watch the full recording below to explore:

  • What creates impact and your natural authenticity
  • Tactics in self-awareness, how to impress authentically
  • Using your diversity to be unique and as part of your personal brand
  • Tools to maximise your impact on and with others

Or, take a look at the summary video for a quick view of the top tips.

Feedback on the session from some of our listeners:

“I liked the reflection aspect…and made me challenge my thinking through the session.”

“It was very insightful, and 'simple'. The hints and tips shared seemed very logical and I thought a few times 'That makes so much sense - Why didn't I think of that'!”

Video 1: Full recording

Video 2: Summary of the top tips (5 mins)


Liz Villani
Courageous Success
[email protected]