Feedback conversations: how to have clear and kind conversations that you are proud of

Date : 26 July 2021

Feedback is the cheapest and easiest way to help colleagues learn and grow and helps you build strong relationships. Become a feedback guru and unlock great conversations using a few simple and effective tools.

We recommend watching the full recording to get to grips with all the tips and hear how our expert responds to questions that might be on your mind. If you are short on time, try the 5-minute preview of the top tips first to stimulate your thinking about your areas of focus.

This session is ideal for managers or aspiring managers who want to learn how to have more effective and honest conversations with team members, senior managers and colleagues.

Here are a couple of examples of what listeners liked best about the session:

“Easy to follow advice - very relatable and actionable”

“There were some really good ideas, especially "assume positive intent" and taking time to be calm and thinking logically.”

The full recording covers:

  • A moment of discomfort vs. hours of resentment: Understand the benefits of having great feedback conversations
  • The mood elevator: Develop your ability to stay resourceful and manage your emotions
  • “Over the net”: Understand and practice this simple but impactful tool for having clear and kind conversations
  • Staying in problem-solving mode: Learn three top tips to keep front of mind

Video: 5-minute sneak preview

Video: Full recording

Additional resource

All the tips provided in this webinar can be found in one helpful PDF that can be found below.


Angela Mitchell
Juicing the Lemon