Win-Win Negotiation
Win-Win Customer Engagement

Workshop overview

Through this workshop learn the optimal approach to negotiation planning and how you can sell persuasively in a fast-changing industry. We’ll also show you what winning delivery, skills, language and behaviours look like and develop a successful negotiation plan to take away and implement back in your role.

This workshop is relevant for commercial professionals looking to sharpen their negotiation skills.


The online training session will be delivered by our industry experts in high energy, bite-sized sprint

The programme has been split into two 1hr 45 mins sessions and one 2hr 30 mins session over 3 days


Day 1
Duration: 1hr 45mins

A reminder of the world class sales tools

What sales tools have you embedded into your day job?

Selling versus negotiation

When is negotiation possible?

What are the key negotiation issues and opportunities?

An introduction to the IGD way of negotiation planning

Understanding interests

Interests versus positions

The importance of negotiation planning

What are the key elements of a good approach to negotiation?

The balance of power

What determines power?

Key steps to demonstrate power

How language can be used as a source of power

Day 2
Duration: 1hr 45mins

Developing objectives

Inventing and understanding your options and those of your customer

Setting yours’ and customers’ objectives using unbiased criteria

Where is the negotiation arena?

Setting alternative scenarios

Case study: achieve your objectives and boost your power

The development and use of variables

What are variables?

The role of variables

The cost benefit analysis of variables

Value your variables

Day 3
Duration: 2hrs 30mins

Negotiation delivery

Conducting a negotiation

Skills, language, techniques and behaviours

The do’s and don’ts

Role play to practice the process and tools

Learning to take back to your day job

Learning outcomes

Understand how to implement the IGD six step approach to conducting commercial negotiations.

Recognise and tackle the nuances of dealing with various personality types.

Develop a successful negotiation plan to take away and implement back in your role.


Great to hear Peter's real life experiences and using those examples will help me remember tools for my future reference.

I think this course was very good considering it was a negotiation course which had to be conducted over zoom. Peter is a very good speaker and the session was very interactive.

Meet the trainer

Peter Faulds

Peter has over 35 years industry experience including global commercial capability roles, and several senior commercial roles with Diageo and Rodda’s across all channels of trade.

Peter has an outstanding track record of commercial success and people development and is highly motivated by challenging goals and building solutions to business issues that deliver measurable results. He always brings real life examples delivered with energy, enthusiasm, and passion for the learners.

Peter Faulds