Trends 2024

Trends 2024

Our future-focused trends

Grocery retailing globally is evolving in different ways and at different paces region-by-region. Through our on-going research programme, we identify the key trends affecting the industry at a global and local level. In 2023 global retail will focus on the industry topics of efficiency, value, the reinvention of stores, sustainability, health, and technology. However, these trends will vary in importance around the world, which we will bring to life through our regional research.

Data underpins where and how the trends are affecting the growth outlook, supported by examples of where we are seeing them brought to life today. Together the qualitative and quantitative inputs help us consider what is coming next.

If you are wondering what could impact on your market, channel, or category in the future, start by asking:

  • In a global world, are you benchmarking yourself against best-in-class, international companies?
  • Where are you getting your global perspective and inspiration on these trends?
  • Are there other considerations you hadn’t thought about?

To help you prepare for the changes occurring in the grocery industry globally, we’ve pulled together a selection of articles and reports to guide, challenge, and inform your thinking.

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Global grocery markets growth 2023 – 2028

In this presentation we look at the regional and country forecasts for grocery retailing to 2028. 

The efficiency imperative

The efficiency imperative is one of the six global trends we identified as key for 2023. 

The UK convenience market 2023

See how inflation-boosted performance drives another peak in sector growth.

The balancing act for shoppers on inflation

This report takes a deep dive into inflation and the rising cost of living.

Navigating global private label growth: trends in 2023 and beyond

As shoppers globally explore private label offers, they often find they provide value for money. However, in best-in-class retailers, the ranges are also expanding choice and enhancing companies’ quality credentials too.

IGD’s new forecast values food-to-go market at £22.9 bn in 2023

IGD’s latest food-to-go market outlook forecasts the value of the market and its five sectors to 2028.

How discounters can rule the world

IGD’s discount working group presents its opinions on what food discounters need to do in the long term to sustain sales growth.

UK forecasts 2023-2028

A summary report which gives an insight into some of the key findings from our three sets of UK forecasts: Grocery retail channel forecasts; Food and drink market forecasts; and Eating out forecasts including the outlook to 2028.

Winning partnerships with logistics providers

Catalysts, current conditions and considerations with logistics partnerships.

Europe’s leading grocery retailers in 2027

Your essential guide to trading with Europe’s largest grocery retailers.

Trade up and down: what makes the cut?

Explores the changes shoppers are making in and out-of-home.

Next-generation retail: unlocking new revenue opportunities

Understand where retailing is heading and where your country or retailers are ahead of or behind the curve.

Category snapshot: beer, wine, and spirits

As the beer, wine, and spirits category enjoys a surge in visibility in store, thanks to the real estate freed up by HFSS, understand how the UK’s retailers are approaching it in 2023.

Hypermarkets and supermarkets: the channel’s outlook in 2023

An overview of the channels' key markets, leading retailers and six trends set to shape their medium-term outlook.

Global online trends 2023

Our global online trends 2023 presentation looks at what underpins this increase in sales, from a retailer perspective.

European retail trends 2023

We look at the five trends that will shape the region in 2023 and explain why you need to know and understand them. 

Technology trends 2023

We focus on five technologies shaping retail in 2023.

Global supply chain trends 2023

This report will set out our five trends, with each looked at through the prism of our six-step process.

UK trends 2023

As we look ahead to the next 12 months, we’ve identified five trends that will shape UK-based shoppers, consumers, and FMCG businesses in 2023.

Global retail trends 2023

As we look ahead to the next 12 months, we’ve identified six trends set to shape the global grocery landscape in 2023.

Global discount trends 2023

The discount channel’s growth will see it generate nearly US$200 bn of additional sales between 2022 and 2027. Our report looks at what underpins this growth, from a retailer perspective and what companies are doing to drive an increase in sales.

Europe’s leading retailers: five actions for suppliers

An essential guide to trading with Europe's largest retailers.

Europe’s leading retailers: five trends shaping their strategies

We look at each of the trends in turn and what they mean for suppliers looking to win with the region’s leading retailers.

The five trends shaping food-to-go in 2023

We have identified five trends that will shape UK-based shoppers, consumers and FMCG businesses in 2023.

Global grocery markets’ growth 2022 – 2027

A summary report covering global growth with a focus on the five leading markets, China, USA, India, Japan and Germany.

Global grocery markets’ growth 2022 – 2027: a European perspective

A summary report covering global growth with a focus on Europe’s key markets.

The top stores to visit in 2023

A summary report including our top chosen stores to visit in 2023.

Sustainability trends 2023

In our summary report, we consider how the trends will play out in 2023 and what companies can do to prepare for the future.

The five trends shaping eating out in 2023

We have identified five trends that will shape UK-based shoppers, consumers and FMCG businesses in 2023.

The new value equation

Delivering value in an era of unparalleled choice and economic turbulence.

Health trends 2023: force for healthier futures

This report delves into five diverse areas of health, ranging from healthcare and nutrition to wellbeing, sustainable diets and emerging health trends.

Global convenience trends 2023

An overview of the channel’s key markets, leading retailers and five trends set to shape its medium-term outlook.

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