The most trusted, rigorous market read in the retail sector.

We provide the fastest, most reliable, accessible and high-level read of weekly market performance for the leaders of grocery retail.

The participation of the biggest players, an extensive competitor set and direct retailer reporting, define the industry standard and set us apart. This is a truly collaborative partnership and collective process, facilitated by IGD.

We deliver accuracy, relevance and confidence for the greatest impact.

This unique tool demonstrates IGD’s trusted, integral and indispensable role at the heart of the Industry.

A finger on the pulse, for a robust understanding of the week, answering key questions on performance with immediacy and accuracy.

MarketTrack gives participants:

  • the first external performance read, delivered in time for weekly board meetings
  • what their board needs to know – providing a critical perspective on the success of their results
  • KPIs that are top-line and highly accessible
  • an extensive competitor set, through the participation of the biggest players sets the industry standard
  • results on a Monday, unlike any other provider (including the BRC)
  • accuracy – direct retailer reporting and quality control set us apart
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