How CHEP built its commercial capability across 15 European markets

7 September 2020

The company’s European Supply Chain Academy needed to develop their best practice programme across Europe and sought IGD’s help in delivering a combination of face-to-face training with blended learning elements.

The challenge

Following strong growth in some global markets, CHEP was keen to ramp up its regional performance and prepare to serve an industry faced with new and complex challenges.

CHEP also wanted to enhance its organisational capability, so that the commercial team could easily demonstrate the value of CHEP’s solutions and enhance their customer relationships.

The solution

IGD experts designed a blended learning experience, which gave participants the opportunity to be more flexible in their approach to learning. The phased project journey ran from September 2016 to January 2018 and involved:

  • A retail immersion experience with the senior leadership team in Toronto, Canada
  • A session with CHEP EMEA President and the learning and development team to agree a set of key learning objectives for the pan-European business change programme
  • Client consultation with key CHEP influencers to underpin the design of the cross-functional programme
  • A pilot programme undertaken with U.K commercial team to attain feedback and inform future sessions
  • Roll out a blended learning programme to 20 cohorts across 15 European markets. The programme involved e-learning, face-to-face facilitated workshops and in-store immersive experience.

A detailed review of the programme of activity that IGD ran to support this project can be found here

Key results

  • Over 350 people trained, across 15 European markets in 2017
  • A greater understanding of the end to end supply chain and how shopper behaviour influences the process.
  • Innovative ideas and projects launched across Europe & Middle East
  • Improved relationships with retailers and creation of one-to-one contacts at store level to ‘test and learn’ new ideas
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