Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)

Our workgroups are improving the supply chain through collaboration on education and research initiatives to fulfil shopper wishes better, faster and at less cost.

ECR helps individuals and companies in the industry adapt to today's fast-changing world, achieving greater efficiency and keeping the shelves full for shoppers and consumers.


ECR Mentoring - Supply Chain Development


supply chain professionals were matched up in cross-company mentoring partnerships in 2017.

ECR Horizons - Supply Chain Development


of participants on the Horizons programme agreed "I now have a greater understanding and am more collaborative in my work, both across functions and in my business with other companies."

ECR Reducing Wasted Miles


leading businesses contributed to an innovative pilot study in 2017, due to be published this year.

“Many of my team have benefited immensely from the mentoring scheme but I have seen the most individual benefits come from the ECR Horizons programme.”

David Hix, Supply Chain Director, Nestle, and ECR Workgroup Co-Chair


This group of supply chain and HR professionals is driving our ECR Mentoring programmes, the Horizons cross-company development scheme, and developing initiatives to educate and engage young people and educational bodies in supply chain career paths.

We can provide the opportunity for personal and professional growth whilst giving a broader understanding of the supply chain.

We can help you better understand and be more collaborative in your everyday work, both across functions in your business and with other companies.

We encourage collaboration at a strategic level to reduce wasted miles in the supply chain.

Download the whitepaper outlining the 10-year vision for the initiative.

13 November, London
With the theme of SUPPLY CHAINS FOR GROWTH, the interactive programme will allow you to create a day that will give you everything you need to enhance your food and grocery supply chain.