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CSM uses cutting edge technology to halve the saturated fat in their donuts

2012 IGD Food Industry Awards:  Nestlé Wellness Award Finalist


CSM is the largest supplier of bakery products and ingredients, employing 9,900 people across 28 countries. In the UK CSM is a leading supplier of bakery ingredients, and frozen and ambient baking products from bread, cookies and donuts to icing and toppings. The company has more than 135 years of innovation behind it and produces both in- store and out-of-home bakery goods, along with ingredients for artisan and industrial bakers.

Background to the initiative

CSM says it recognises current public health challenges and has invested in a Health and Wellness strategy. The company has identified two key strands to healthier eating. One is to make healthier foods that are convenient, appealing and accessible, so that they can easily be incorporated in consumers' diets; the other is to make treat foods better for you by improving their nutritional composition.

 “People love treats, and they can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet. The UK  consumes approximately 10,000 tonnes of donuts each year, so we realised that a healthier version could make a real difference if we could reduce the calories, fat and saturated fat content of our donuts while maintaining taste and eating quality.”

Sunfry Baking Donuts

CSM donuts

Donuts are traditionally fried in oil, which is what gives them their distinct taste and texture but also makes them high in calories, fat and saturated fat.

CSM dedicated time and resources into finding a way to make a healthier donut and after 5 years developed the Sunfry Baking donut.

By combining a unique selection of heating technologies, CSM developed a new process which mimics the frying process. The system allows the dough structure to set whilst maintaining a thin crust, but without drying out the donut as you would experience through standard baking. The technology also enables the use of sunflower oil which is lower in saturated fat compared with traditional frying fats. This isn’t possible with standard donuts as sunflower oil is liquid at room temperature and a standard fried donut would be very greasy.

What is the impact?

The Sunfry Baking Donut exceeded all expectations. When compared with a standard iced ring donut it contains:

  • At least 40% less fat
  • At least 50% less saturated fat
  • Approximately 20% fewer calories

During taste-tests by frequent and occasional donut consumers, the Sunfry Baking Donut was considered superior when compared with the standard product.

If all the donuts sold in the UK were switched to  Sunfry Baking Donuts, in one year 12.5 million calories, 1,600 tonnes of fat and 825 tonnes of saturated fat could be removed from the nation’s diet.

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