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Industry Working Groups

Our working groups bring experts together to work on industry-wide challenges for the good of everyone. Members are drawn from the total food and grocery supply chain, including small businesses and other organisations. They develop and share best practice widely.

About our working groups

Bringing companies and people together

About our working groups

Find out how our industry groups bring companies and people together to tackle the challenges faced by consumers and shoppers and to deliver benefits to the public at large.

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Our Industry Groups

  • Feeding Britain's Future

    This group was set up in December 2011 to bring people in the industry together to play a vital role in tackling chronic youth unemployment.

  • Working on Waste "WOW"

    This newly established group will deliver campaigns that support our mission to deliver a secure and sustainable future. It will empower and inspire shoppers to make more sustainable choices, leading to lasting behaviour change.

  • Industry Nutrition Strategy Group

    The Industry Nutrition Strategy Group (INSG) was established in April 2003 to find ways to encourage healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle throughout the UK.

  • Industry Sustainability Group

    The Industry Sustainability Group (ISG) raises awareness and creates new ways of working which help tackle environmental and social issues for the benefit of society.

  • Policy Issues Council (PIC)

    The Policy Issues Council is a forum of chief executives and chairmen from farming, manufacturing, retail, wholesaling and foodservice. It drives change and improvement by addressing the things that ordinary people care about in nutrition, sustainability, skills and other areas.

  • Technical Leadership Forum

    The Technical Leadership Forum (TLF) consists of the technical directors, or equivalent of major retailers and own-brand manufacturers and drives change and improvement to ensure the safety and provenance of the food we eat.

ECR UK - Our sustainable supply chain work

  • ECR UK Executive Board

    ECR UK provides a framework to deliver a better deal for consumers through more effective collaboration between retailers and suppliers

  • ECR UK Product and Packaging Waste Work Group

    This group brings together supply chain directors and environmental specialists of the leading UK retailers and manufacturers to cut waste and deliver significant environmental benefit.

  • ECR UK Developing Supply Chain Talent Work Group

    The aim of this group is to develop great supply chain talent for today and tomorrow and promote the FMCG supply chain as a career destination.

  • ECR UK Reducing Wasted Miles Work Group

    This group is made up of Supply Chain and Logistics managers and directors with both operational and strategic responsibility from both manufacturers and retailers to help the industry further remove unnecessary and wasted transport miles from the roads.

While our groups bring together people from different companies across the food and consumer goods supply chain, we make sure they operate within the limits of our competition law compliance policy.


Everything you need to know about Sustainability

There are many examples of how the food and grocery industry is building sustainable supply chains all over the world. This is our one-stop-shop for everything you need.

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