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Whether you attend a training workshop or one of our free masterclasses and webinars, you can be sure to find them engaging, inspirational and enjoyable. We regularly add new dates and events to the programme, so keep checking for updates!

Upcoming training events

  • Sainsbury's Supplier Training

    Do you supply to Sainsbury’s? Do you want to understand their strategy in more detail and learn how to trade better with them? Hear directly from the Sainsbury’s team in this one day workshop.

  • Negotiation for Business

    Multiple dates and venues

    Learn from the elite: Discover the skills used by the professionals in hostage situations and understand how to apply them in the business arena, to powerful effect.

  • Successful Account Management

    22 February 2017 - 23 February 2017, IGD, Watford

    A stimulating and thought-provoking workshop which provides the tools, processes, skills and structures to effectively manage customer relationships.

  • Webinar: Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

    08 March 2017 - 08 March 2017

    A thought provoking and practical webinar which will answer the question – how does your team become high performing?

  • Advanced Category Management

    07 March 2017 - 08 March 2017, IGD, Watford

    IGD's two day simulation game workshop will enable you to understand how to turn the theory of category management into growth plans for your organisation.

  • Supply Chain: The Essentials

    09 March 2017, IGD, Watford

    A practical one day workshop for all roles in suppliers, to help develop your understanding of the vital part that supply chains play in underpinning FMCG businesses.

  • Turning Data into Insight

    16 March 2017, IGD, Watford

    This interactive one day workshop takes you through the end-to-end process from identifying the information you need, through to delivering actionable insights.

  • Evolution: Retail in the future, near and far

    Multiple dates and venues

    Insight that inspires… An evening masterclass on what the future may hold for grocery businesses – and their shoppers.

  • IGD Retail Safari: Best of Grocery Retail - London

    23 March 2017

    Our retail safaris are designed to bring you up to speed rapidly with the latest trends and innovations in the UK market, helping you to better understand the opportunities for your business.

  • Successful Category Management

    04 April 2017 - 05 April 2017, IGD, Watford

    This popular two day workshop will ensure you understand and are able to implement the core principles and techniques our industry uses to develop effective category plans.

  • Successful Shopper Understanding

    10 April 2017, IGD, Watford

    Understand your shopper, their needs and behaviours, and how they impact on commercial decision-making through this practical and interactive one-day workshop. Book on both our shopper series workshops...

  • Successful Shopper Activation

    11 April 2017, IGD, Watford

    Using the most recent research and illustrated through industry case studies, this one day course provides the key principles and proven techniques you need to successfully activate your plans with shoppers. Book on both our shopper...

  • Teams that deliver in tough times

    Multiple dates and venues

    An evening masterclass in ensuring your team is tough enough to survive the turbulence — and deliver.

  • Category Leadership

    09 May 2017 - 10 May 2017, IGD, Watford

    Category leadership is founded on the quality of the insights, the supporting strategies and tactics, and people capabilities. Learn the processes, tools and ways of working for your business to be a genuine category leader.

  • Webinar: Resilience

    18 May 2017 - 18 May 2017

    We are living in an age of rapidly changing environments, though we are not often taught how to cope with such change and adapt to new environments. Dr. Rebecca Johannsen, who trains internationally on the topics of emotional intelligence, creativity, and problem solving, will lead an interactive 50-minute...

  • Webinar: Compelling Conversations: Influence and Persuade

    08 June 2017 - 08 June 2017

    Do you want to learn how to get your point across with power and impact so that you can influence conversations and gain “buy in” with customers, colleagues or your manager?

  • Category Management in Online Retailing

    20 June 2017, IGD, Watford

    In this one-day workshop, you'll discover the key opportunities of online retailing and how to activate them as part of your overall category strategy.

  • Leading Edge Annual Conference 2017

    12 September 2017

    Join us for a full day of free personal development and industry insight training on 12 September in London.

  • Successful Joint Business Planning

    21 September 2017, IGD, Watford

    An energising one day workshop designed to offer practical help in planning and preparing joint business plans, whether you are new to this way of working or just need to take time out and look at what you do in a different light.

  • EQual to the challenge: Emotional intelligence in business

    Multiple dates and venues

    Emotions in the workplace? So-so or a no-no? Managed well, your emotional intelligence could switch your career’s green light to GO

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Negotiation for Business


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Negotiation for Business

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Negotiation for Business


Negotiation for Business

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