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Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) is run by IGD in the UK. It is steered by a board drawn from across the industry. Our various workgroups are involved in supply chain improvements, focusing on using collaboration to fulfil shopper wishes better, faster and at less cost.

Latest ECR UK news & outputs

ECR Mentoring programme
Are you looking to grow personally and professionally?

ECR Mentoring

The ECR Mentoring programme is a cross-industry scheme that provides bespoke development opportunities to our industry's future talent.  The programme promotes both personal and professional growth, to help our future talent prepare for leading in a challenging and ever changing world.

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Industry Working Groups

ECR Horizons programme
Expand your ECR Horizons

The ECR Horizons programme is a great opportunity to help your colleagues develop the skills needed to thrive, with the whole programme delivered by businesses that really understand the key challenges. At the same time, you get to showcase your business, but it does require commitment,...

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Waste prevention guide

Waste Prevention

Learn how to eliminate waste or redistribute surpluses from your business with this free resource from ECR UK.

  • See the six ways your business can prevent waste! 
  • Find out how and where to redistribute surplus products
  • Read best practice examples from retailers and manufacturers 
  • Better manage any waste that is unavoidable

Waste prevention guide

Developing supply chain talent

Developing supply chain talent

Start and develop your career in the food & grocery supply chain with this free online resource from ECR UK. Find out why you should choose the supply chain as a career, see key...

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Optimising transport modes

Explore the alternative transport modes available and reduce your road miles with this free online resource. It shows how retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers are using alternative...

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Press release
IGD's ECR UK initiative reveals top five solutions to reduce wasted miles

Some 78% of retailers and 71% of suppliers believe reducing road miles to be either “the biggest” or “a significant opportunity” for cost savings in their supply chains. That’s according to research carried out by IGD’s Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) UK board for a new initiative to inspire industry to drive down wasted transport miles.

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About ECR UK

  • What is ECR UK?

    ECR UK provides industry leadership, education and guidance on key issues affecting the food and grocery supply chain, including sustainable distribution, on shelf availability and retail packaging.
  • IGD's role in ECR UK

    IGD supports ECR UK with strategic inputs and provides management support.
  • ECR UK Board & Members

    The ECR Board is made up of over 25 supply chain directors from the leading retailers, suppliers, wholesalers and foodservice operators it provides leadership on the most pressing issues facing our industry.
  • About ECR Europe

    Every year ECR Europe organises projects where companies from all over Europe explore new areas of working together.
  • Tools and resources

    ECR's range of online and downloadable best practice guides are free of charge.

Reducing wasted miles

We have delivered part 1 of our research into reducing wasted miles – The Destination – outlining the need for change, the vision for the future and the 'five to drive' solution areas. Please click below and follow the instructions to download your free copy and use this to develop your strategy for the next ten years.

Tools and resources

Free online and downloadable guides from ECR UK on areas including on-shelf availabilty, packaging and waste and sustainable distribution. 

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of ECR UK or becoming involved please contact us as