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Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) is run by IGD in the UK. It is steered by a board drawn from across the industry. Our various workgroups are involved in supply chain improvements, focusing on using collaboration to fulfil shopper wishes better, faster and at less cost.

Latest ECR UK news & outputs

New from ECR UK:
Waste prevention guide

Waste Prevention

Learn how to eliminate waste or redistribute surpluses from your business with this free resource from ECR UK.

  • See the six ways your business can prevent waste! 
  • Find out how and where to redistribute surplus products
  • Read best practice examples from retailers and manufacturers 
  • Better manage any waste that is unavoidable

Waste prevention guide

Online guide:
Developing supply chain talent

Developing supply chain talent

Start and develop your career in the food & grocery supply chain with this free online resource from ECR UK. Find out why you should choose the supply chain as a career, see key competencies for success and read case studies showing...

Online guide:
Optimising Transport Modes

Optimising Transport Modes

Explore the alternative transport modes available and reduce your road miles with this free online resource. It shows how retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers are using alternative modes and non-standard road vehicles and will help to identify the best solution for your business.

About ECR UK

  • What is ECR UK?

    ECR UK provides industry leadership, education and guidance on key issues affecting the food and grocery supply chain, including sustainable distribution, on shelf availability and retail packaging.
  • IGD's role in ECR UK

    IGD supports ECR UK with strategic inputs and provides management support.
  • ECR UK Board & Members

    The ECR Board is made up of over 30 supply chain directors from the leading retailers, suppliers, wholesalers and foodservice operators and is the foremost supply chain network in the UK
  • About ECR Europe

    Every year ECR Europe organises projects where companies from all over Europe explore new areas of working together.
  • Tools and resources

    ECR's range of online and downloadable best practice guides are free of charge.

Supply Chain Summit 2015

Taking place on 11 November 2015, IGD’s Supply Chain Summit is the leading FMCG event for supply chain professionals. Now in its 16th year, the event brings together supply chain and distribution directors with their teams to understand the big supply chain issues affecting our sector.

Tools and resources

Free online and downloadable guides from ECR UK on areas including on-shelf availabilty, packaging and waste and sustainable distribution. 

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