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Teams that deliver in tough times

Event overview

When the chips are down…

Grocery — it’s a team sport that demands a lot from its players.  And in today’s environment of uncertainty, the pressures are ever greater.

When the going gets tough, it can be hard for teams to pull together — and hard to manage. Limited resources; more in less time; feelings of uncertainty about the challenges ahead and even conflicts — all of these you must master to build a strong and effective team, one that can be ‘tough’ to cope with tough!

In such times, everyone can benefit from some insight in how to create a ‘tough’ team, and our FREE evening masterclass is here to provide just that — consider it a little ‘resistance training’ to strengthen your team. And as your coach, you’ll have international change and development consultants, Sticky Change.

With extensive experience of riding the waves of turbulence in organisations the world over, Sticky Change’s Fiona Cameron, Mary Clarke and Pauline Bell are the experts to put you through the paces. In a highly-interactive, thought-provoking and practical session, they will show you how to create the team that will deliver in tough times.

Get ready for an evening that will galvanise you — and your team in turn.

Key learnings

  • Discover the fundamentals of effective teams
  • Recognise that having the right people is key to strong delivery  
  • Identify team behaviours that are critical in tough times
  • Create a vision for your own team — make it a shared one
  • Understand the importance of spending time together to build strong relationships that can cope with conflict when it arises

Our speakers for this masterclass, Sticky Change, delivered a highly successful webinar for us earlier this year. So to get a flavour for the evening, watch the recording of that below. 

Reasons to attend

  • All Leading Edge events are free to attend
  • Attending after-work training shows dedication to improving your own skills and progressing your career
  • There is a 30 minute networking session (with refreshments) at the start of the evening, giving you a unique opportunity to meet like-minded industry peers

Who is it for?

Our Leading Edge training is free and open to everyone working in the food and consumer goods industry - from graduates to senior managers! 

Our masterclasses are designed so that everyone has something to take away - they can be a great opportunity to refresh a subject that you are familiar with, but are also accessible to those new to a topic. 

To find out more about what to expect on the evening, see the full programme, here.

Meet the speakers

Fiona Cameron

Fiona Cameron, Sticky Change

When Fiona isn’t dashing around the country/world she is to be found enjoying country and family life in rural South Wales, with her husband, 2 teenagers, labradoodle and 2 cats, life is therefore pretty full on, but she does try to ensure she takes time to keep her active…... though gym visits are usually rewarded with coffee and toasted tea cakes with close friends, got to keep life in balance.

If the house goes on fire: other than the living inhabitants of the house, I will take the photo albums that provide testament in my old age of a life lived to the full – before digital cameras that is!

A book that meant something to me: ‘Cocktail hour under the tree of forgetfulness’ by Alexandra Fuller is a story of an Africa upbringing. My upbringing was a little different, given I was in the metropolis of Nairobi rather than the horrors of Rhodesia (as it was) during a civil war, but there was a lot that resonated and far too many pages brought tears to my eyes.

If only... I could speak Spanish. I would love to speak another language fluently, and Spanish sounds so lovely.

Mary Clarke

Mary Clarke, Sticky Change

Mary divides her time between Wirral in the North West and Hythe in Kent. She’s a fervent supporter of Everton FC, has learnt to ‘talk’ Motorsport, loves sailing and reading anything (at the same time, if possible), going to live music concerts, is addicted to the News, and gets thoroughly exercised by her two Labradoodles.

If the house goes on fire: I’m taking the other half, the two dogs and the Nespresso coffee machine (carried by the other half!).

A book that meant something to me: So difficult this one but I loved medieval history from a very early age. I remember being consumed by Katherine by Anya Seton, the story of Katherine Swynford who married John of Gaunt. I was drawn to her inner powerfulness and unswerving struggle. (That or that as a child with a fervent imagination, I used to sit on the lawns within the ruins of Kenilworth Castle and imagine myself wafting around in medieval gowns.) I’ve even found a partner called John!

If only... I could dance the tango. I have tried but it’s not easy to find Argentine tango teachers in deepest Kent. I caught the bug when I went on a tango weekend in that international mecca of Latin American dance, Turin. Yeh, I wondered too…

Pauline Bell

Pauline Bell, Sticky Change

Pauline lives in in the Cheshire countryside with her artist husband and Oscar the cat. She is an avid reader, loves to watch movies and also to visit art galleries, exhibitions and sculpture parks (Bretton in Yorkshire is a favourite). When not dashing around for work or interests she likes a bit of quiet time to go for walks in the countryside, meet up with friends or to curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine in front of a log fire.

If house was on fire: I would be out if there fast, hot on the heel of my husband with the cat under one arm and my favourite painting under the other which given the size of it would be a challenge (the painting not the cat!).

A book that means something to me: it would have to be ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ by Dan Millman. I read this book for the first time over 20 years ago. It challenged my thinking, changed my perspective and marked the beginning of a transformational journey into the inner work of meditation and energy work that continues to this day.

If only... no time for regrets or ‘if onlys’...... live it, own it, enjoy it - breathe life, love, compassion and laughter into every moment!


About Sticky Change

The three principal Sticky Change consultants have experienced the turbulent waves of change in many organisations - as employees, driven it as senior managers, and co-ordinated it as both internal and external consultants, within the fields of HR and Change Management. We have ‘done it’ - not just ‘talked about it’ - and therefore understand the impact of change from different stakeholder positions and have built this learning into fostering change that sticks.

Our long experience is reflected in the full time and consultancy positions we have held with organisations as diverse as Heineken, William Grant and Sons, Schneider Electric, Unilever, easyJet, First Choice Holidays, HSBC, BNP Paribas and the BBC. We have worked across the globe including many European countries, the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Caribbean, Dubai and parts of Africa.

We are experts in managing Change, especially culture change, both for the organisation and the individual. We facilitate our clients through change, providing them with ideas, guidance, support and challenge. 

Please note, not all speakers will be at all venues. See the programme for specific venue information.

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