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Convenience Retailing Summit 2016

With sales in the channel forecast to grow 17% by 2020, IGD’s Convenience Retailing Summit 2016 is the event to attend to help your business maximise the opportunity.

Join us and be the first to see the latest IGD channel forecasts and ShopperVista research to understand ‘The Convenience Shopper- now and in the future’ and the impact for retailers and suppliers on: 

  • Range
  • Missions
  • Value
  • Formats 

Case studies from leading convenience retailers (including multiples and symbol groups) and suppliers with interactive Q&A sessions will help you identify clear actions for your business. 

Combining insight into the latest innovations and perspectives from around the world, this event will help shape your view of the future of convenience in the UK and how suppliers and retailers can be on the front foot to succeed in this evolving market.

Feedback from the 2015 event

A great opportunity to take a break from the day to day, and focus on the big ideas to drive the channel
Engaging, thought-provoking and a must if you want to truly understand the convenience channel
Overall it was interesting to see how retailers are using insight to help drive scalable change in their business. Good breadth of speakers!
Very strong event with lots of content
Informative and engaging
Wide variety of speakers, yet a consistent message
Leaders of the industry giving perspective and insight on the changing environment of convenience
Very useful and something I would look to attend again next year
Refreshingly honest, open and informative
A great sense check of how our internal strategy is fairing vs other suppliers and retailer expectations

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Radisson Blu Portman Hotel
22 Portman Square

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