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Conscious Management: Inspire, manage and lead

Event overview

Management that inspires: An evening masterclass in how to lead from the front — and inspire your team to come with you

A great manager can change careers and lives. Yet many who are called on to manage others are never given the fundamentals to make such a difference.

Led by Courageous Success, our Conscious Management workshops will give you the basics of management, complemented by the life-changing techniques that make a difference.

A practical and interactive session exploring the concept of conscious management, this masterclass enables participants to examine internal models of management and align these with being our authentic and inspiring self.                                                         

Key learnings        

  • Develop a personal values-based management statement
  • Take emotional responsibility as a manager
  • Appreciate the strengths and values of others
  • Establish great management routines and rituals
  • Create your management emotional climate
  • Explore gates – what stops managers trusting their team
  • Identify a Strengths Matrix for you and your team

Reasons to attend

  • All Leading Edge events are free to attend
  • Attending after-work training shows dedication to improving your own skills and progressing your career
  • There is a 30 minute networking session (with refreshments) at the start of the evening, giving you a unique opportunity to meet like-minded industry peers

Who is it for?

Our Leading Edge training is free and open to everyone working in the food and consumer goods industry - from graduates to senior managers! 

Our masterclasses are designed so that everyone has something to take away - they can be a great opportunity to refresh a subject that you are familiar with, but are also accessible to those new to a topic. 

To find out more about what to expect on the evening, see the full programme, here.

Meet the speakers

Liz Villani

Liz Villani Founder and Managing Director, Courageous Success

Liz Villani is the Founder and Managing Director of Courageous Success, a global leader in change, spirit, performance and authenticity and is passionate about revealing the courageous person in every one of us. For over 10 years she has worked globally with people in all manner of job roles. Shapes and sizes to transform businesses and lives for the better. Liz’s style is energetic, inspirational, challenging and rebellious.

Nikki Heyworth

Nikki Heyworth, Director of Development, Courageous Success

Nikki is Director of Development, an expert in personal development with over 10 years’ experience of organisational and leadership development; her clients include senior level executives from across a wide and diverse range of industries. Nikki has a focused and dynamic style and is passionate about releasing the power within clients and facilitating management and leadership programmes.

Julie Hilton

Julie Hilton, Head of iAM Global, Courageous Success

With over 16 years experience gained in learning and development roles Julie has a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm for people growth and transformation, which is threaded through her core and shows itself in the way in which she works with clients. Her wide ranging experience in different business sectors is put to great effect in engaging and inspiring individuals to be brave enough to grow and move forward with confidence and self-belief.

CIPD qualified and with years of working as a specialist manager, along with her NLP and coaching qualifications, see Julie bring practical, purposeful and sustainable development to the worlds of the people and businesses in which she works in partnership with. Julie’s experience spans public and private sector organisations, financial services, IT, manufacturing and FMCG, working successfully with first line managers through to senior management teams.

Julie’s passion for unleashing potential comes through in her delivery style, which is positive, encouraging and energetic, whilst also challenging individuals to be brave and step out of their comfort zones to be stretched further.


About Courageous Success

Courageous Success is dedicated to transforming the way the world develops people.  A British business, working globally, bringing life changing learning and positivity into the world of work.  Delivering performance excellence by revealing a new way of doing business through courage, meaning and realness. Using one to one courses and team workshops Courageous Success reconnects individuals and businesses with the heart, humanising the workplace and bringing results that wouldn’t have been thought possible.  Showing that everyone can feel empowered and positive in their workplace and changing individual and workplace behaviour with extraordinary impact.  Not just business learning, but a way of learning and understanding the self, transforming everything that’s important.

And what do people say about Courageous Success . . .  

‘’…expected to have another load of management speak forced upon me with no real benefit - instead I feel much happier, more engaged and more positive that I can make  a difference going forward.’’  

‘’No one else in the world is doing what Courageous Success does.’’ 

‘’Training like no training before.’’       

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